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Post by Applianc on Sat Dec 27, 2008 2:04 pm

1. What's your name in the game? and Which travian tribe are you? what's your main village coordinates? (Post your profile link if possible)

JeffAlmeida, from Gauls. My main village is Cidade de São Paulo, located at (179|-140)
Here is my profile:

2. How do you want us to address you? (Possibly by your Name) And tell us something about you.

You could address me by my short name, Jeff. I am Jeff Almeida. I am 40 years old and live in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

3. How frequent do you log to the game? And What's your time zone?
When it´s possible, I try to check the game hourly between 0400AM GMT till 10:30 PM GMT.
My time zone is GMT-2 due the Daylight Savings Time applied on Brazil.

4. For how long you've been playing travian now? and Have you played travian until the end game before?
I am playing Travian in the last two months. I didn´t reach any end game yet

5. Is there any member(s) of el goats who can recommend you to be a memeber of the alliance?
There is a member of CrewS.E1, rina_1220 that could recommend me.

6. What's your playing strategy? (Defensive, Offensive, Aggressive, ... stc)
My strategy is build a strong economy for support a large defensive army

7. Are you getting attacked by any of our alliance members and that's why you are joining us?
No, none of you had attcked me.

8. Are you getting attacked by any other player? if yes, Who?
Yes, I´ve been attacked by pao pao, Vantalin and 00000010.

9. Did you read Travian Game Rules and the Alliance rules in the FAQ? and are you playing by the rules?
Yes, I did, and I am playing by this rules.


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Re: JeffAlmeida

Post by dasman G4 on Sat Dec 27, 2008 10:42 pm

you are already a member of Crew S.E1, your application is not required.

please just sign up so we can activate your account

There is nothing here, now run along...
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Please PM me with any questions.
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